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July 21st, 2010by asmara · No Comments

Vacations are wonderful, but sometimes we have to compromise our fashionable style just to accommodate the stuff that ironically makes us look… well, fashionable.  The dilemma is how to appear fabulous effortlessly on your vacation while conveniently carry all your belongings, at least to the plane’s cabin. Solution: get a great-looking keep-all.  Or travel bag. Or anything big enough for all your fabulous stuff. The key thing to keep things chic and simple is to stay on the natural color scheme.  Colors too loud will only work on paparazzi-inducing celebrities.  So if you’re more of a quiet but stylish traveler, check our picks!

Frye Blair Crossbody, $428

Farm Tactics Field Backpack, $195

A Kurtz Russell Backpack, $98

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