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www.WagCares.com – Walgreens WagCares Survey $3000 cash sweepstakes

August 19th, 2012 · No Comments

Believe it or not, I go to Walgreens to pick up some of my fashion accessories and there are a few unknown tips that every woman should know in getting products at Walgreens. Everyone associates Walgreens as a place to get your prescription drugs, but there is more to it if you shop the aisles. After your shopping, there is also a survey you can visit that gives you a chance to win $3000 cash prize at www.wagcares.com paid in the form of a check.

Tip 1 – Hollywood Fashion Tape
These tapes are a life saver and a novel invention. If you need to keep your bra straps up, blouses in place, stick revealing necklines so they don’t drop. The takeaway tin box contains about 36 of these tapes and it makes it easy to carry in your bag and use it anytime you need. It may not work on heavier clothing but they are fairly stick and even sometimes hard to remove from the skin.

Hollywood Fashion tape

Tip 2 – Hair Accessories
There are plenty of different style hair accessories to choose from at Walgreens. The Revlon Couture Hair Accessory Stone Barrette is one of my favorite hair accessory that helps me keep my hair in place and still look stylish and traditional.

Tip 3 – Makeup
A great place to get makeup products on the go. If you need a lipstick, eyelash or other makeup items, Walgreens is a great place to grab some of these items. From the Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Mousse to the IMAN Perfect Eyeshadown Pencil to the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation, there is something for every woman.

Fund your purchases with WagCares survey
And when you finish shopping, don’t throw away that receipt. It has a survey code and password you need to participate in the $3000 WagCares with an invitation to visit www.wagcares.com survey online. If you fill in the survey and complete the survey, you will be eligible to participate in the WagCares sweepstakes survey and you can stand a chance to win $3,000 for your shopping spree. Then check back for the WagCares sweepstakes winners list at the wagcares.com website.

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FabCrush Reboot Gift Card Contest

January 14th, 2012 · No Comments

We are excited to offer the FabCrush reboot gift card contest. After years in hiatus, we are looking for ideas to reboot the fashion blog and we are looking for writers and editors and more importantly fashion ideas. Since starting, we have offer exciting peeks and articles to the world of fashion and exciting products such as handbags, shoes, sunglasses and yes even umbrella. As we reboot into the new year, we are hoping to bring more exciting contests to our readers and also come up with creative ways to share via social media.

We welcome any suggestions and comments on how we can reboot this. As a token of our appreciation, we are offering a $20 gift card for some of the best ideas or articles. To participate, just submit your comment through our site and we will judge the merit of the content. If you are the winner, learn how to check your Master Card balance on the gift card  site at ww.mygiftcardsite.com, The MasterCard gift card can be used just like any credit card except it has a stored credit.

To participate, go to the comment page and submit your comment with an idea on new categories or new products.

The Terms and Conditions are as follows:

  • You must be 12 years and above to participate
  • There will be 1 grand price of a $20 gift card.
  • All decisions by us are final and based on merit or idea
  • Make sure you enter in your email in the email section of the comment box so that we can contact you if you win
  • Deadline to enter : Jan 31 2015

We promise to look at all the ideas for the reboot though we may not be able to act on them immediately or in the short term. Also, we welcome any new tips about new fashion products, celebrity fashion sightings and new up and coming fashion  trends.

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We’re Back With The Kate Spade Mood Boards!

August 15th, 2011 · No Comments

We might be gone for a while there, but as of today, we’re back and in the sweltering heat of summer, we’re bringing you the hottest summer grabs from our favorite American designer: Kate Spade.

Nearing the end of this seemingly endless summer, we have two mood-boards with all Kate Spade goodies on them.  The first one, in honor of the season of colors.  We show you what electric chic is all about.

1.  Kate Spade New York Jillian Dress, $395
2.  Kate Spade New York Lynx Short Necklace, $178
3.  Kate Spade New York Small Terrance in Pollen, $345
4.  Kate Spade New York Cam Too in Turquoise, $275

And because it will be Fall soon, you might want to prepare for the monochromatic air of autumn.  Here’s how you do it Kate Spade style.

1.  Kate Spade New York Bardot Sweater Dress, $355
2.  Kate Spade New York Papillon Pearls Stud Earrings, $48
3.  Kate Spade New York Westend Ave Small Damien in Camel/Black, $295
4.  Kate Spade New York Cybil, $298

Have a Kate Spade-y day, Ladies.  All collections above are available at Zappos.com.  Let us know how they work for you!

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Weekend Outfit: Dinner Party

May 28th, 2008 · No Comments


Planning to throw an elegant dinner party this weekend, or maybe sometime in the near future? It’s your party so you can look as fab as you want to. We’ll show you the perfect look to impress your guests.

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How to Hide Less-Than-Pretty Feet

May 19th, 2008 · No Comments

Intermix Ankle Band Sandals

(Intermix Ankle Band Sandals, $625.00)

Are you craving sandals but are stuck with slightly undesirable feet? It could be that you hate your toes or that you have rough heels, or you just have a little scrape, but stuffing your feet into sneakers or flats can be unbearable when things heat up. Let your feet rock a tiny bit or toe cleavage or a sliver of creamy skin to make the whole package look a thousand times more attractive!

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Weekend Outfit: Beach Wedding

May 14th, 2008 · No Comments


Spring is here, love is in the air and of course, it’s wedding season. You’re sure to score an invite or two and beach weddings are all the rage. But what does one wear to such an event? Well for starters, white is always a no-no, and even red is iffy. Keep reading and we’ll show you how to look your best for the event without taking attention away from the bride.

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How to Choose Tunics for Petite Women

April 30th, 2008 · 2 Comments

Anne Klein Petite Ruffle Floral Tunic

(AK Anne Klein Petite Ruffle Floral Tunic, $89.00)

If you are petite, tunic looks can be really frustrating. You might want to wear a thigh-grazing top that cinches to show off cute capris or a great pair of jeans, but when it looks like a dress, all is not lost. While one option is sticking to petite sizes (where you can truly find great options), you can also get a little more creative to get that tunic look.

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Weekend Outfit: Picnic in the Park

April 29th, 2008 · No Comments


So you’ve been invited to spend a nice day with family and friends over a picnic. Sure, you’ll be sitting around outside, possibly eating messy foods and maybe even getting involved with a game or two, but you still want to look cute! Don’t fret, we’ve come up with the perfect outfit for the occasion.

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How to Wear Rock ‘n’ Roll Styled Clothes

April 18th, 2008 · No Comments

Kat Von D

You want to look a little hipper, stray away from the classic, and try something new. Maybe you love Kat Von D and would love to poach her look but just don’t know how! Or are you just interested in trying a new look? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered– and this time you’ll be rocking a Fab rock style.

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Weekend Outfit: Rock Concert

April 16th, 2008 · No Comments


What better way to have a good time with friends and get your groove on than going to a concert? It’s always fun to get decked out for this type of event. We’ll show you how to look hip and cool, without resembling a groupie.

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How to Flatter Your Body Without Showing Skin

April 16th, 2008 · No Comments

Classiques Entier Tuxedo Detail Blouse

(Classiques Entier Tuxedo Detail Blouse, $168.00)

Special night out? Important night out? Don’t rely on the old standby, cleavage, to get ahead. Instead of baring it all in a skimpy top, especially when you’re working and need to keep things professional. Aim for top body-conscious pieces that get yourself noticed without endangering your professional credibility. Read on for more Fab, sexy looks!

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How to Rock “Green Style”

April 8th, 2008 · 1 Comment

Toepaz Organic Cotton Flat, Nature vs. Future Gathered Skirt

(Simple Toepaz Organic Cotton Flat, $75.00; Nature vs. Future Gathered Skirt, $106.00)

Green style for the ecologically-minded is everywhere, and it makes so much sense to hop right on board. Between the charitable cotton tees, the surprisingly cute canvas totes, and the organic everything, you’re bound to find something that you love. Now your last problem is to make these pieces work! Read on to get our tips on green fashion

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