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Celebrity Look: Eva Longoria’s Simple Chic

April 24th, 2008by meieli · No Comments

Eva Longoria

(Photo (c) Flynetonline.com)

Eva Longoria’s style seems so effortless, but when I don’t try, there’s no way I can look this polished post-dinner! I’ve put together a look that will benefit all of us: it’s simple, it’s easy, and it’s ultra-refined to top it off. Wear this amazing ensemble to dinner or to a show for guaranteed success.

Rebecca Taylor Colorblock Shift Dress

(Rebecca Taylor Shift Dress, $389.00)

Simple Shift with Surprise Details

Eva’s dress has a slight ’50s look to it, and that works our perfectly for our taste in “all occasion” fashions. You can slip into this Rebecca Taylor shift that hugs the bust and details along the neckline. While Eva’s dress is a light champagne, we’ve chosen a summery two-tone in “water” and “white.” Inverted pleating at the bust maximizes what you’ve got in a tasteful way.

Jessica McClintock Bow Clutch

(Jessica McClintock Bow Frame Clutch, $68.00)

Gold Clutch Purse

This purse is the type that you buy for one outfit and then end up incorporating into half of your sparkly, going-out duds. It features a less-than-obvious shape that’s slightly bow-ish and slightly ’80s, but in a way that’s inviting and not at all kitschy. The rhinestone detail zips down the front, and the purse includes a sturdy clasp to keep everything secure inside.

Bouquets Sady Sandals

(Bouquets Sady in Gold, $67.00)

Jeweled Going-Out Sandals

Eva chose sandals with a subtle glow, but since our dress was a tad more simple, we’ve kicked the shoes up a notch. Show off your pedicure in a pair of open-toed sandals that deck out your feet with lots of shiny-shiny details. An ankle strap keeps everything very secure, so don’t worry if you’re heading out to dance a little at the end of a long night.

Fallon Jewelry Three Stone Bracelet

(Fallon Jewelry Three Stone Bangle, $115.00)

Gold Bangle Bracelet

The Fallon Jewelry Three Stone Bangle is a little bit unusual, but it’s not so avant-garde that it won’t make a nice pairing to your more sophisticated looks. This one, if you look close up, features a fantastic hammered texture and details on a smooth background. This will match with anything, so it’s a great investment.

Get Eva’s Look!

Rebecca Taylor Shift Dress: $389.00

Jessica McClintock Bow Frame Clutch: $68.00

Bouquets Sady in Gold: $67.00

Fallon Jewelry Three Stone Bangle: $115.00

Get the look for $639.00.

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