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Celebrity Look: Lauren Conrad

March 31st, 2008by meieli · 1 Comment

Lauren Conrad

Photo (c) FlynetOnline.com

Lauren Conrad’s look is clean, dressy, and refined– just how we like it now that spring is here. This stylish girl puts together looks that retain her California Cool but still take her to press events in New York, Toronto, and more. Don’t you wish you could be like that, too? Oh, wait– you can! With these tips, you can easily get a look that’s based on Lauren’s albeit with a little more “pep.”

Mk2K Cardigan Sweater

(Mk2K Cardigan Sweater, $150.00)

White Cardi

It’s still cool outside, especially when you choose a skirt-and-blouse combination that’s just right for spring and perfect for al fresco dining– but not too warm when those spring gales blow! Slip into a paper-thin little cardigan to wrap you up without stifling you. Now that’s the right choice of a spring cover-up.

Blue Blouse from Paul and Joe; White Dirndl Skirt from Nordstrom

(Paul and Joe Sileger Burnout Polka Dot Top, $337.00; Mimi Chica Embroidered Skirt, $36.00)

Ditsy Top and High-Waisted or Dirndl Skirt

This style skirt looks ultra cute with feminine blouses like this one from Paul and Joe Sileger. When you’re in the mood for something that’s a little more old-fashioned, this combination keeps lines back in the past with a modern twist due to the floral print choice.

Chanel Ligne Cambon Bucket Handbag

(“Borrowed” Chanel Bucket Handbag; BagBorroworSteal.com from $100.00 per week)

Chanel Purse– Must Have!

Lauren Conrad is always seen with her black quilted Chanel purse– and if you want to try this outfit, then you should definitely consider getting this purse. If it’s a steep pricetag for a piece that you’re not totally sold on, consider BagBorroworSteal, which lets you get borrow a bag on a weekly or monthly subscription price. Say “bonjour” to your newest Chanel purse, starting at a borrowing price of $100 per month.

Fiori Painted Sunglasses

(Fiori Painted Sunglasses, $12.99)

Big Celeb Shades

No self-respecting LA Girl would be seen without her shades, no matter where she is. Take this chance to buy a fun and affordable pair from Urban Outfitters– festooned with florals, no less. You’ll be pleased to see that this pair of shades perfectly accents your very springlike outfit, while the extra-largeness of the frames themselves add a touch of mystique.

Get Lauren Conrad’s Look

Mk2K Cardigan Sweater: $150.00

Paul and Joe Sileger Burnout Polka Dot Top: $337.00

Mimi Chica Embroidered Skirt: $36.00

“Borrowed” Chanel Bucket Handbag: $100.00 per week

Fiori Painted Sunglasses: $12.99

Get L.C.’s look for $635.99.

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  • 1 Bunny B // Apr 2, 2008 at 8:59 pm

    A Chanel purse is a true must-have!

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