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Today’s Rachel Bilson Crush: Sweet Seventeen Look

February 14th, 2008by meieli · No Comments

Rachel Bilson in Seventeen

Rachel Bilson graced the cover of Seventeen with a youthful feel that’s positively doable: easy tops skim around your figure, while super-short shorts show off those gams to pure perfection. A pair of white flats will make your calves look great, and you could spring around just like Rachel here when you’ve got a busy day ahead. Now you can do it in style.

Chloe Silk Chiffon Blouse

(Chloe Silk Chiffon Blouse, $858.00)

A Blue Button-Down Blouse Works Wonders

Rachel slipped on a blue blouse with a little bit of schoolgirl charm, and you can do it, too. Instead of a stiff chambray, you can treat yourself to a gauzy silk chiffon instead. You’ll have the same silhouette when you wear this button-down top, but instead you’ll take advantage of a slightly more feminine vibe and feel. Rachel Bilson would approve– she’s a girly girl all the way!

Versace Shorts; Serfontaine Stretch Denim Shorts

(Versace Shorts, $995.00; Serfontaine Stretch Denim Shorts, $79.20)

Do You Wear Short Shorts?

Shorts make or break this ensemble. Wear them tight, wear them buttoned, and wear them proud! Stick with denim or dark twills just like R-Bils here, and instead of trying the challenging very high-waisted version, you can wear a pair of shorts that are a little friendlier for your waistline. Try yours at mid-height for a similar effect without the added styling stress, and be sure to tuck in your top for just the right effect.

Stuart Weitzman Ballet Flats; Chloe Ballet Flats

(Stuart Weitzman Ballet Flats, $95.00; Chloe Ballet Flats, $259.00)

Be Sure to Wear Flats!

We love our heels, but everyone needs a break from time to time. Give your arches a rest when you pull on a simple pair of shoes that are wearable and workable. These shoes will take you back in time in a bright white leather with a slightly retro essence, and that’s great! Rachel has an innocent look that’s best translated into pieces that could be plucked from the early ’60s, with a spin.

Once everything’s styled up good and proper, you must attend to hair that’s somehow shaped and clean, but loose as well. Puzzled? Without the help of a fan and a professional hairstylist, you can still get a style that’s surprisingly similar with sideswept bangs and a low, low ponytail. A little height at the crown and a touch of smoothing spray will finish things off right!

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